Ireland-Looking Back

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day I’m looking back to my 2013 walk with Patrick McMahon along the 179 kilometer Dingle Way. Below is an excerpt from my Travelpod blog.

Dingle Way

Leaving Dingle on the way to Dunquin

Dingle to Dunquin

Today’s walk was a smorgasbord of sun, clouds, mist, rain, wind and rain, more sun with a side of misty rain and that was just the morning. After walking about four miles we came upon Ventry Harbor, the beach was littered with shells but no collecting for me, I’m traveling light.


The best was yet to come, after eating lunch while perched upon an old stone wall like some hungry seagulls, we started to ascend the spur of Mount Eagle. I thought this was a tough climb but that was before I met Mount Brandan a few days later. Walking along that winding wall, with sheep ambling past and the Atlantic Ocean to my left, was like something out of a dream. Luckily it stopped raining and I were able to enjoy the view.


Along the way we passed ruins of beehive stone huts and as we descended back to the road I heard a flute and thought my mind was playing tricks on me. But as we approached Slea Head there sat a man playing beautiful music…and selling his CDs…a man’s gotta make a living after all.

The road zig and zagged past the ferry to the Blasket Islands and we finally arrived in Dunquin whose claim to fame is being the nearest parish to America. Another day walking along the Dingle Way was complete.


Ireland’s Atlantic Coast

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